About Us

Hello Hobot was founded in 2020 as a small tool retailer. Our founder is a tool enthusiast who loves to manufacture, repair, and improve various equipment, accumulating a wealth of experience in tool usage.

When he realized the lack of high-quality tool suppliers in the local area, he decided to open his own tool store. He firmly believed that by providing the best tools and accessories, he could help customers complete tasks more easily, improving work efficiency and productivity.

As business expanded, we gradually became one of the well-known tool retailers in the local area. Through continuous exploration and experimentation, we found that the rise of the internet provided us with a broader market and opportunities.

Therefore, in 2022, we launched our own website and began to shift our sales focus to online platforms. This decision brought us strong growth and success, expanding our product line, increasing staff, and improving service levels.

Today, Hello Hobot has become a global tool salesperson, with products spanning across the world and customer base constantly expanding. We remain committed to providing the best tools and accessories for customers while continuously improving our business models and service methods to adapt to the changing and developing market. Need assistance with shopping? Contact our coolest customer support representatives 24/7!

Email: support@hellohobot.com