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πŸ”₯ Summer Hot Sale πŸ”₯ Beach Dress Wrap Dress

πŸ”₯ Summer Hot Sale πŸ”₯ Beach Dress Wrap Dress

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Ever been denied service at a local restaurant because of your bathing suit? Just want to cover up while leaving the beach? Our newΒ Beach Dress Wrap is for you! Cover up in seconds, and feel comfortable where you are going after the beach. Our elegant wrap helps you transition from beach ready to social events ready.

βœ”οΈ Easy cover up

βœ”οΈ Wear it in different styles

βœ”οΈ Put it on in seconds

Gift for women, a must-have, stylish summer dress in your wardrobe, elegant and eye-catching look, you will never go out of style with this women's dress!

Fat and thin, wearable and elastic-Our wrap style cover up dress flatters every figure and fits in a small pouch! Soft and smooth fabric with just the right amount of stretch.

Every girl's figure is the best-looking, no matter how fat or thin, she has the courage to express herself, and her confidence is the most beautiful!

These dresses can easily be dressed up and down. The elastic material hugs your figure perfectly!



1 Γ— Women's Beach Dress

Size Guide

Your waist size takes priority over the other measurements. If all your measurements do not fall in the same size, then use the size your waist measures at for the best fit.Β Some of your measurements may be in between sizes, take the higher size for a comfort fit.

My pant size, waist and/or hips measurements are not giving me the same size - what should I do?

This happens fairly often and it totally normal! Most bodies are not perfectly proportioned and that is what makes each of us so special. For this reason, the size chart is simply an indication of what your most comfortable size may be.Β 

If you are unsure after measuring yourself, your waist size is going to be the most representative of what size shapewear will fit you best.

If at any point you have some more questions before you make your purchase, please feel free toΒ contact us.Β Our customer service reps would be more than happy to help you!



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Measuring your waist is best done with your clothes off. Simply wrap a tape measure around your stomach. Be sure to cover your belly button, this insures you're measuring the correct part of the waist.


This part is also best done without any clothes on. Bring your feet side by side, and wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your hips. Remember, for the most accurate size, the tape measure needs to include the biggest part of your butt as well!

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