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【HOT ITEM】🧪Multifunctional Liquid Sucker

【HOT ITEM】🧪Multifunctional Liquid Sucker

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Hurry and get your hands on the great value Multifunction Liquid Sucker! 

Don't let emergency fluid transfers be a hassle anymore. 

It's the ideal tool for transferring gas, oil, water, beer, and more. Perfect for emergencies and multiple household uses. 

Plus, choose from the 2 meters standard or 2 meters standard with flow valve options. 

Give the gift of convenience to your loved ones today!

It is simple and convenient to use. 

Install the hose on one side of the airbag, fix the clamp with a clip, put the hose into the fuel tank, and press the airbag continuously to release the oil instantly.

Easily solve your fuel problem, draw it and use it whenever you want. Save your vehicle in critical moments.

This manual water pump is for fuel petrol diesel gasoline oil water and other common liquids also can be a water changer for the fish tank at your home.

Safe Attention

1.Not is suitable for saltwater or corrosive liquids.
2. The fluid you are trying to get rid of has to be up higher than the bucket you are flowing into.
3. Please keep the hose inside of the container, not just put it on the surface.
4. Only for vehicles without a gasoline protection grid.
5.The fluid you are trying to extract has to be HIGHER than the influent bucket. The fitting end must be kept inside of the fluid not just on the surface.


    High-flow hoses and large-bore ball pumps are faster at pumping, and the built-in pumpallows you to siphon liquid from one container to another.


    Rubber hand pump that starts siphoning liquid flow quickly. 2 flexible Durable PVC transparent hoses provide easy reach into containers, petrol resistant, avoid corrosion.


    Lightweight and portable siphon manual pump, Suitable for all kinds of vehicles, engines and any machinery that uses fuel.It also meets the need to transfer liquids at home.


    Materials: PVC
    Product Size: 25*15*8cm/9.84*5.90*3.15in

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      Car Fuel Tank Sucker × 1

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