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Triple LED Solar Wall Light

Triple LED Solar Wall Light

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nstalling lights outdoors is unsafe, not waterproof and easily damaged, posing a safety risk. Unusual outdoor installations can be very costly, expensive and have a small light range.

Try this three-headed LED solar powered patio body sensor wall light! Solar power generation, automatic charging during the day, automatic lighting at night, energy saving and environmental protection, wide range of light, high brightness, 360 degrees rotatable spotlight, automatic human induction, good weather resistance, designed for outdoor use, so you can use it with more confidence!


Super-Bright & 360° Rotable Spotlights
This outdoor solar wall light has 3 heads with 122/138 LEDS that can be rotated 360° to provide good light coverage and you can easily point the heads in the direction you want.

Practicing Environmentalism
Solar power generation, charging during the day and lighting at night, energy saving and environmental sustainability, no need to worry about the electricity bill.

Hassle-free Outdoor Use
Made of polycrystalline silicon, high quality ABS plastic and safety electronics with charge/discharge protection, IP65 waterproof, excellent weather resistance for worry-free use on rainy, snowy or hot days and a long service life.

PIR Sensor & 3 Modes PIR
Solar outdoor lights turn on automatically at night. There are three working modes: 1. Induction mode (high light when people come, light goes out 20-25S after people leave); 2. Induction and micro-light mode (high light when people come, micro-light when people leave, always light when it is dark); 3. Micro-light without induction mode, 50% micro-light.

Long Working Time
The solar sensor wall light has a built-in 18650 lithium battery (3.7 V 2400 mAh) to ensure that it can be fully charged even in low light and is pollution-free.

Universal Outdoor Triple LED Solar Wall Light
Ideal for outdoors, gardens, driveways, front doors, walls, streets, garages, pavements, decks, backyards and windows.

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